Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in Gdansk

It's christmas time. Enjoy the pictures from the beautiful old town of Gdansk.

Monday, December 15, 2014

TONIC LIGHT - Water Project

During the last 2 weeks I worked on a project, for which one of my facebook followers contacted me. As everybody of you knows, I like to be confronted with new challenges and projects. I have never done anything comparable to this project, since the starting point was not a fixed, in contrast more a vague idea going through my client's head. That is why I am contented with myself, since I have found a way to concretise this unfixed idea, creating a satisfying outcome for both parties. Below, you can find other shots I took during this project and the data concerning my room's transformation to a studio.
  • Glass bowl filled with water +  plastic bag filled with water, hanging on a microphone stand and damaged by a needle to create tiny hole allowing water to slowly trickle out
  • Camera on a tripod - Focussing on the point the water drops in --> Switching to manual focus
  • 2 Flash lights behind a diffusor, 1 of them equipped with a blue reflector foil.
  • Infrared remote to release the two flash lights