Friday, July 03, 2015

Our first trip to Norway!

I've decided recently that my blog will transform from something portfolio-like to something like a travel blog.
Since I've started working full time, I just do not find the time anymore to process every picture so properly as each of them should. If so, I would have shared my impressions from Norway with you in two years firstly. So from now on, I'm going to post my pictures here not for artistic purposes, more likely for archive and documentary reasons.

The best shots you will find on:


Nearly two months ago, my girlfriend and I traveled to Bergen in Norway, my dream destination.
Luckily we just spent one evening in rainy weather, afterwards the weather was perfect for hiking and just spending time outside. We've seen sunsets, waterfalls, snow, fjords, lakes, forest, mountains and even snow; just everything beautiful for landscape lovers.

We found our accommodation via, a great website for cheap accommodations. We used it already for Portugal. Obviously it seems to work everywhere very well! I fully recommend it, besides of course.

The first day was, as I've already mentioned, quite cloudy, cold and rainy, but luckily I turned on my wifi, when my girlfriend came up with the idea to search for an event via couchsurfing. Fortunately, we even found a small event in a bar in walking distance, so we could socialise with a small group of Norwegians, Germans and Britons. It's always so great to socialise spontaneously with locals. Drinking one beer for around 8€ (!), what was told to be the cheapest beer in a Norwegian bar, the British and the German guy decided to join us for our hike up the mountain, the next day.

Hiking up the Floyen mountain in a nice company, we followed a very steep route made of uneven huge stone steps. It was really exhausting but absolutely rewarding as well! In the end of the day I was just so incredibly tired that I nearly fell asleep during the walk home. :D

After regaining our power during the night, we started our next journey in the early morning: A train and bus trip to Eidfjord, a beautiful cozy village in the heart of Bergen's fjords. Wearing shirts, we started the train and bus ride, but if the bus driver had opened the window after a while, we would have been really frozen, since we've crossed the arctic climate zone (what we wouldn't have expected): Camping vans were just completely surrounded by snow. That was incredible, how quickly you can change climate zones and how dramatically the climate and landscape in Norway can change. Furthermore we saw a huge and beautiful waterfall, heading downwards again to the small village Ulvik. There, we started our fjord trip on a high speed boat, when the wind started whistling around our ears, so that it was freezing cold again. Besides that, it felt for me as a huge privilege having the chance to see the fjords with my own eyes, what I've seen before only on pictures.

Arriving at Eidfjord we decided to follow the routes, recommended by the tourist office, going up some hills, walking along green broad meadows until we reached a beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain., where I was running around taking pictures, while my girl took a relaxing sunbath. Afterwards we followed a very wild river back to Eidfjord and started our journey back home.

We just stayed in Norway for three nights, but due to my girlfriend's wonderful planning, we got the best out of it, so that we could see so many different terrains and landscapes, as I would not have thought before. Thanks a million for that! You are the best travel planner and even better companion! :*

See you soon, Norway. We will be back soon!