Tuesday, April 07, 2015

regained motivation.

Overcoming the frustration caused by the forfeited chance of seeing the beautiful countenance of the Aurora Borealis in our southern climes, I decided to be an early bird to hunt sunrises at 4.30 am, as well as a late bird in the evening to see the most sunsets during the last month.

All photographs have been taken using
Canon EOS 600D + 30mm 1,4 DC HSM

Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to crash a landscape photographer's soul.

Now I need to tell you a story of an event that I still can not believe. Any description of my emotions is too difficult and too complex. There are no words to describe what I feel. It is neither sadness, nor sorrow or frustration, moreover of mixture of everything combined with tons of anger!

Therefore let's make a throwback.

Nine months ago, I scrolled through Google maps, searching for hitherto unvisited places in Gdynia along the shoreline, until I found Gdynia Oksywie. It is definitely not an obvious an well known beach, but therefore the most beautiful and adventurous, as you need to climb from stone to stone, following narrow trails between prickly trees and bushes. The whole beach was formed and claimed back by nature, just some relicts from the past are left. I have been there once, but I as instantly touched and inspired by the beach's spirit. After that, I wanted to keep that place sacred to come back, until I have the perfect weather conditions as well as an upgraded camera equipment.

Scrolling through the internet and searching for inspiration, I accidentally found a bookmark, of a photographer's website that I strangely enough have never visited before. As I clicked on the link, I could not believe what I have seen: Breathtaking perfect picture of shorelines along the baltic sea, as I have never seen them before (check them out here). Without missing a beat, I decided to go there this week.

Hence, I went there yesterday, after having had a wary eye on the weather, moving clouds and sun, I grabbed my camera equipment. "Once again, let the adventure begin!", I thought. Full of inspiration, after a long bus journey, I searched a way through the sheer, friable and pathless cliffs. After some more or less smooth climbing I stood on the beach, surrounded by strong waves, a perfect mix of clouds and sun. As I turned to the right to look along the shoreline, I had a queasy feeling about it. As I looked closer I vaguely perceived building fences and a grey wall. Coming closer, I needed to face the truth: My beautiful beach is gone! Completely! Just an ugly grey wall and by diggers levelled soil. All the scattered leftovers, old wooden piles, spread in the water, cryostaticly destroyed rocks, as well as small stones and remains of a sandy beach were just gone!
As well as my inspiration....

I followed the whole new road, but perceiving reality was too tough. I still could see the whole landscape in my imagination. I can not believe that everything is just lost forever. my anger towards the responsible heads is huge. Nobody lives there, why do you need to take care of such an abandoned place? The following pictures are illustrating exactly what I mean...

At least one positive conclusion I have to draw: I recorded history!
Please Gdynia, if you read that (probably not), stop touching other landscapes!