Monday, July 14, 2014

DCT Terminal - Part II

Browsing through my Lightroom catalogue, I found out that I forgot to finish the post-production of several pictures from my visit in the DCT Terminal Gdansk. Herewith I present you the leftovers.

our uninvited small friend. :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Arrival of the world's biggest vessel in the DCT-Terminal, Gdansk.

Hello everybody,
today I finished the next picture series. My company sent out the DCT (Deepwater Container Terminal) to take pictures of this very new opened terminal in Gdansk Stogi, operating since Summer 2007. I could feel this modern spirit everywhere during my personal tour. The security standards where very modern and high as well, so that I wasn't allowed this time, to leave the car for most of the time. Consequently I couldn't take so many good shots, as sitting in a car is very restricting for creative camera angles and full sharpness.
Consequently, I took most of the pictures on a very closed-by located beach which was very breah taking, since it was located in between to industry districts, studded by rocks and ruined industrial fragments, embedded in very changeable small pieces of nature, with grass and small ponds.
Another highlight (and the reason why I was sent there) was the arrival of the biggest vessel in the world, which is 400m long and can carry about 18.000 (!) containers. To see the dimension of this ship, check out picture No. 4 and search for the only person in the picture. It was absolutely huge; again, such a nice privilege! :)