Friday, July 25, 2014

Słowiński National Park - My second trip in Poland.

Hello everybody,

as your probably recognised during the last weeks, my blog featured nearly only industrial photographs concerning shipping and truck reloading. But for now, this project ended so that you'll find some more shots again, depending more on my lifestyle and my main interests of photography. For sure, it was a great experience, but now I really feel the need for landscapes and portraits again (and these shootings will come for sure this weekend, so be prepared).
So now I just share some (not spectacular but still interesting) pictures with you, of my weekend trip to Leba and Slowinski National Park, to discover more places on the baltic sea, out of the bay around Gdansk. The main characteristic and attraction of this place is a very huge dune. After publishing some of them on facebook, people started asking if I have been in the Sahara, but I was just in the small Polish sahara. 
In the end of the day I was an eye-witness of a more than beautiful sunset with the sun setting over the baltic sea, which I've never seen before, since I'm usually situated in the bay, so that the sun is "blocked" by the piece of land in the west. 
Hopefully you enjoy some of the pictures and can feel the spirit of this place a little bit.

Monday, July 14, 2014

DCT Terminal - Part II

Browsing through my Lightroom catalogue, I found out that I forgot to finish the post-production of several pictures from my visit in the DCT Terminal Gdansk. Herewith I present you the leftovers.

our uninvited small friend. :)