Thursday, August 14, 2014


In the beginning of August, I spent a long weekend at the Polish capital Warsaw. These days were probably the hottest days in the year, so that I was not able to stop sweating all the time, due to temperatures around 34°C. This was definitely too hot for me, I am really not made for these temperatures. Consequently, I spent most of the time walking from shades to shades avoiding the harsh midday sun. Sitting in the Metro, my companion also explained me that this one line is the only line in Warsaw and also in whole Poland, what definitely surprised me and made me laugh a bit. So I took a picture of this memorable place in Poland.
Furthermore I've been visiting cafés and restaurants. Thereby, we found really one outstanding Italian restaurant,called Mąka i Woda, where I ordered pizza calzone. The taste was absolutely overwhelming! After finishing this dinner, I told the waitress that this was definitely the best pizza I ate in my whole life. Such a great experience!
Below, I just want to share some of the pictures I took in Warsaw, so that you can get a small impression of this city and see my point of view. It was definitely not a photography trip so the pictures' nature is more touristic than artistic. I hope you still enjoy them; main locations are around and on top of the Cultural Palace, Parc Lazienki and some other places in the city center.

handmade ginger breads.

clever bike tool station!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Beach, sun & music.

And again, it's been a while since my last post, due to my very exciting, but time-consuming lifestyle over the last month. I finished my projects at the logistic firm but still I am very involved in my other job. Furthermore, I took lots of weekend trips; pictures will follow for sure, after some time, so be prepared! 
At the same time, I continued also my job as photographer, but this time far apart from shipping and industry: I had an awesome shooting during a very hot summer period here on the baltic sea, with Kasia, one very young and talented guitarist and singer from a small city close to Łódź, who is cooperating with one of my friends from Gdansk. My personal challenge this time, consisted of managing the harsh sunlight in the middle of the day, which reflected sometimes too strong or not in that way as I wanted, but skill comes with practice.
From my point of view, she is a very funny energetic girl, with lots of spirit and natural appearance. It was definitely funny and like always, I love to interact with people. This fact is really important part for me so that it is one oft he reasons why I love this job so much!